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Founding Shipborn

In 2016, Alber van Ekeren had the idea of building a luxury sailing yacht of his own. The idea

seemed intimidating at first, yet he decided to gather advice from different experts in the industry.

After a while, he became more excited about the challenge to build a yacht of his own, and later

that year he took the leap and ordered the hull of the Truly Classic 90, which would form the basis

of the yacht. Shipborn was born.

In 2017, Alber formed a team of young-minded builders with a creative problem solving mindset.

At this moment, a team of five people are building the yacht full time. The team includes two

engineers, a furniture-maker, an all-round employee and a manager. Also, from 2017 there have

been numerous students from technical studies who have researched and developed innovative

solutions for challenges like developing a hybrid engine, a fully automatic swimming platform and

a design of the machine room that is conveniënt for maintenance.

And then I saw videos of a TC90 on Claasen Shipyard’s website: pfff, to build this would be so cool!! I can’t show the videos here, unfortunately, but you can have a look on Claasen Shipyard’s website here:​


Being sailing enthousiasts ourselves, we know how it feels to sail the seas with such a beautiful

classic sailing yacht. It is incredible when the conditions are right. Yet, we also know that sailing

on a classic sailing yacht comes with hassle as well. The misery of mooring with 20 knots of wind

is not something to get excited about, and the necessity of hiring personnel while you would

rather be taking friends aboard is not exactly convenient either. Leave alone the awkward feeling

of having to lay a gangway between the shore and your luxury yacht by hand. We think it is

ridiculous that in an era where everything is possible, there are still so many luxury yachts that

come with these inconveniences.

As a team of young creative thinkers, it is our mission to build a yacht that takes away all the

misery that comes with a classic sailing yacht, leaving the user with the sheer joy of owning a

classic sailing yacht.

Our Idea!

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