Here we started

Color Sceme
General arrangement

Length over all:

Length waterline:


Draft (Lifting Keel):




Sails Upwind:

Naval Architecture:

Interior Design:

27.50 m

19.20 m

6.00 m

3.40 m



59 t (light)

370 sqm

Hoek Naval Architects & Interior Designers 

Hoek Naval Architects & Interior Designers

External color scheme
Certification / Certification

Classification is optioneel

Keel and Rudder

Keel type:

Rudder type:

Fin keel with bulb

Balanced spade rudder

New for this TC90!!!

Integrated passerelle:



full automatic

2.4 m

-20 upto +10 degree

This is the first Truly Classic 90 with automatic integrated passerelle

Swimming platform
New for this TC90!!!



boarding ladder:

swimming ladder:

full automatic hydraulic

full automatic hydraulic

full automatic hydraulic

Main mast
This arrangement can still changed.


I measurement

J measurement

P measurement

E measurement

Total lenght mast section

Half chain plate width

Aluminium Dökar Yat

32.82 m

10.42 m

30.57 m

11.37 m

34.66 m

2.53 m

This arrangement can still changed.





In-boom furler 

195 m2

172 m2

84 m2

New for this TC90!!!

This is the first Truly Classic 90 with in-boom furler

Tank capacities

Water tanks approx.

Fuel tanks approx.

Diesel day tank approx.

Black/grey water tanks

Hydraulic oil tank approx.

ca. 955 L

ca. 2980 L

ca. 100 L

ca. 280 L

ca. 250 L

Steering system

This still has to be choosen

Propulsion arrangement
New for this TC90!!!

Hybrid gearbox

Main engine

Max. Power

Eletric motors

Max. power


Propeller shaft


GBS Gearbox services

Volvo Penta D6-330

330 hp (242kW)


2x 65hp (2x 47kW)

PRM - Newage PRM1000D4 


Poseidon three bladed, 820 mm

First TC90 hybrid performed; the big advantage of this is during mooring. The screw does not rotate because it is driven by the electric motor. Normally, the diesel engine would drive the screw, causing the screw to run at least 200RPM.

Furthermore, the diesel engine is heavier to perform even during rough weather. Experience shows that in heavy waves the backpressure is much higher than calculated from calculations.

hybrid powertrain
More heavy


Max. Power


61hp (45kW) electrical 3 phase 400V


The new most powerfull Bowtruster

Together with Poseidon our team has chosen the most modern and powerfull electric driven bow thruster.

Jet thrusters
New for this TC90!!!


Max. Power

Jet Thruster Holland Marine parts B.V.

3x 90kgf JT90 48V 

Intelligent Parking Assist System

We want to equip this vessel with systems for the mooring of the ship in a relaxed way. In principle, we want to be able to moor

this vessel without the assistance of a third party, even with strong winds.


To achieve this, the systems should keep the vessel in a fixed the position and direction.


Then we will program a new position and direction, after which the ship will sail to it.


Apart from the sensors, gps and controltechnology, the vessel should be equipped with a stern thruster or an alternative. Joost

van der Wal is attracted to examine the alternatives and calculate the required forces.

New for this TC90!!!
Electric Installation
More heavy (+12kW)



Northern Lights 32kW 400V 3 Phase 


Engine room
3 years of predicted and prepared maintenance

Our engine room meets the following requirements:

- arranging the machine room in such a way that maintenance

   easy (ie accessibility of the systems)

- predicting the necessary maintenance for the first 3 years

- selection of the spare parts required for this

- preparation of maintenance schedule for the first 3 years

Climate Control / Water treatment



Diesel powered heather

Waste water treatment

water maker

Webasto Isothemp boiler

Webasto 81000 BTU Rotary compressor

Webasto thermo S160 16kW

Technicomar 3200L/day

Hem 217L/hour

This arrangement can still changed.

The roof hatches have been completely redesigned for severe weather conditions. The shutters are manufactured in our own factory.

Deck hatches



Deck Equipment

Winches and deck equipment 

Anchor winch




Most sailing ships are built for the charter. Many sleeping places and limited living space. We designed the ship for a family with children or a few guests. A spacious living space as a result.

A spacious kitchen with wine cabinet and large freezer refrigeration combination. A launch room. A television reading corner. A dining room with table for 6 people. A master bedroom for 2 people with bath. A guest room for 2 persons with shower and sitting. And a second guest room with shower and bunk bed.

We have designed the ship to sail both in the warm places, but also in scandinavia. That is why we have double isolated the ship.


Teak deck